"Providing what customers want"

Our strength is that we have a rooted management in the region.
Since it started as an electric shop in the town in 1964, we have been developing various services according to the needs of our customers.
Thanks to that, we have earned the trust of our customers in the area, and we are connected to the present.
In recent years, the supply has not kept up with the ever-increasing demand.
Therefore, we decided to recruit new employees this time in order to expand the business and develop young people who will lead the next generation.

Recommended by an electrician!


Monthly salary 240,000 yen + bonus

High income makes your private life even more fulfilling! !!


Full training system

Support for product training and qualification acquisition inside and outside the company
Peace of mind even for inexperienced people with OJT and business manuals


Transportation expenses and family allowance

In addition, iDeco subscription partial burden

Job Description

All-electric equipment equipment construction

At Kansai Electric Group partner shop "Kanden e-shop", our main business is to install equipment for all electric appliances.
These works involve not only electrical work but also plumbing and gas work, and many of our construction staff have qualifications not only for electricity but also for water supply and gas work. .. Even inexperienced people can learn basic knowledge and technology of electrical work through internal and external workshops and OJT, and grow into a full-fledged construction staff.

Installation of housing equipment such as air conditioners and range hoods

By learning the basics of construction through all electrification work, we will also be engaged in replacement work of air conditioning equipment such as room air conditioners and housing equipment such as range hoods and dishwashers.
Our construction staff often receive compliments from our customers, saying, "We are kind enough to do the work carefully." At that time, it is also a very happy moment as a construction worker.

Electrical wiring work

In addition to the construction of equipment, we are also in charge of construction related to electric wiring of the house. We are also in charge of wiring work for switches and lighting at the site of remodeling, exchanging outlet plates and replacing distribution boards.
The more you improve the technology, such as beautifully constructing the wiring so that it does not expose the wiring aesthetically, the more you are concerned about the construction and the sense of fulfillment. “It’s really a pro! I feel proud as an electrician when I tell my customers.

Repair of home appliances and housing equipment

We will support repairs when equipment sold or constructed fails.
From the customer who comes to us when the customer has a problem and solves the problem.“Thank you!” is encouraging. In addition, we have a strong relationship with manufacturers. For technical uncertainties, we consult with the manufacturer to collect information and make arrangements for difficult repairs with the manufacturer.

Interview with construction staff

What made you decide to join the company?

I was attending a vocational school in a completely different industry, but I was looking for a place of employment, thinking that I would have to have a job in my hand in the future.
I decided to join the company because I felt that Hishida Denki Shokai could acquire various techniques.

Please tell us about the atmosphere in the workplace.

In a word, it has a sharp atmosphere.
If you neglect your safety obligations, they will scold you properly.
On the other hand, if you can do something that you couldn't do before, it will be a great compliment to you and you will be entrusted with a new job.

Please tell us the memorable episode.

When I was involved in the remodeling work for the first time, I was surprised that the customer's house was transformed so beautifully.
I was very happy when the customers thanked me for the delivery! !!

Please tell us what you value in your work.

We value the feeling of never giving up.
Even if you are not good at first, if you keep trying without throwing it, you will be able to do it.
I'm still immature, but I'm trying every day to become a first-rate electrician.

Please give a message to job seekers.

At first, everyone was a beginner, as was myself.
Here, senior employees with first-class skills will carefully guide you.
We are waiting for applications from people who want to grow with this company and friends!!


Individual defined contribution pension
iDeco as a benefit package

The company bears part of the defined contribution pension cost of 3,000 yen

Company trip

Every year we plan a day trip for employees' families

Workwear loan and

We will provide 3 outfits when you join the company, and 2 outfits every year thereafter

Message from the representative

Aiming to be a company needed for the region

Our aim is to become the company needed for the region.
What is needed for that purpose is a "gratitude."
By always having a heart to thank not only our customers but also our colleagues, traders, and families, we can work seriously.
In addition, the skills of our employees, including myself, are essential for the support of local customers.
We believe that being motivated rather than satisfied with the current situation will lead to customer service.


Recruitment Electricity/equipment construction staff
Qualifications [Required] Regular car license
[Preferential treatment] Second-Class electric works specialist., First-Class electric works specialist., Water supply equipment construction chief engineer
Hiring category Full-time employee
Work place 〒651-2113
1058-8 Arise, Igawadani-Town, Nishi-ku, Kobe-City, Hyogo
Working hours 9:00〜18:00
Employment period Long term (3 months or more)
Bonus 2 times a year
Holiday 100 days off a year
Salary Monthly salary 240,000 yen ~ (considering age and experience)
Other allowances Transportation expenses, family clan, iDeco join a burden
Contract period, trial period Available (Monthly salary 240,000 yen during trial period)
Insurance Industrial accident, health, employment, pension
Transfer None

Entry form

Full namehave to
Agehave to
Phone numberhave to
Current occupationhave to
Street addresshave to
Employment formhave to

Inquiries about recruitment