"Providing what customers want"

Our strength is that we have a rooted management in the region.
Since it started as an electric shop in the town in 1964, we have been developing various services according to the needs of our customers.
Thanks to that, we have earned the trust of our customers in the area, and we are connected to the present.
In recent years, the supply has not kept up with the ever-increasing demand.
Therefore, we decided to recruit new employees this time in order to expand the business and develop young people who will lead the next generation.

Recommended by the office worker here!


Regular employee appointment system

Those who wish may be appointed as full-time employees after carefully examining their abilities.


You can work with peace of mind even while raising children

Even if your child suddenly feels ill, the staff covers each other.


There is transportation allowance

Job Description

Telephone support

Telephone support for customer inquiries about products and reception of repairs.
The clerical staff will understand the flow of work with the business manual, use the talk script to practice wording, etc. and start responding to phone calls. Although it can be exciting when you are not used to it, customers say, "Thank you for your polite response! I am happy and confident when I receive compliments such as "," and my phone support is improving. This is the first point of contact that connects our customers and us, so it makes us proud to say that we were pleased with the fact that the telephone service was good.

Various registration services

We will perform procedures such as data registration of customer information, purchased products, repair history, and product warranty applications.
There are pre-determined formats, so even beginners of PCs will soon get used to it. By properly entering the registration data, it is possible to smoothly perform the business of sales and construction staff. It may be a simple task, but it is also an important task that supports the business of the company.

Product management/schedule management

It is the business of ordering goods, receiving goods, and organizing slips.
While checking construction schedules and order slips, we confirm that the products we offer to our customers are delivered properly. In some cases, the clerical staff will follow up on orders missed by sales staff. At such times, the sales staff appreciates God like me.

Office staff interview

What made you decide to join the company?

Since I lived locally, I knew about Hashidadenki for a long time. When I knew the job offer, I did a lot of research on my website and found that it was a flexible company that changed with the times, so I decided to join the company.

Please tell us about the atmosphere in the workplace.

If you ask a senior employee that you don't understand very kindly, he/she will guide you carefully until you understand.
Even if my child suddenly feels sick, I am very helpful because I am able to respond flexibly to it.

Please tell us the memorable episode.

I can't forget the impression when the remodeling work was completed with the customer I corresponded to.
The explanation was tense and tense, but I am still grateful for your trust.

Please tell us what you value in your work.

Since telephone correspondence is an important task that impresses the image of the company, I always try to have a cheerful and energetic attitude.
We also reconfirm after filling out the documents, so as not to bother customers and trading companies.

Please give a message to job seekers.

What I say is that we are still in the process of growing. It's a lively and rewarding environment, and it's an environment where you can grow.
Furthermore, it is a workplace where I understand childcare, so let's work together!


Regular employee appointment system

Those who wish may be appointed as full-time employees after carefully examining their abilities.

Company trip

Every year we plan a day trip for employees' families

Message from the representative

Aiming to be a company needed for the region

Our aim is to become the company needed for the region.
What is needed for that purpose is a "gratitude."
By always having a heart to thank not only our customers but also our colleagues, traders, and families, we can work seriously.
In addition, the skills of our employees, including myself, are essential for the support of local customers.
We believe that being motivated rather than satisfied with the current situation will lead to customer service.


Recruitment Office worker
Qualifications [Preferred] Experienced clerical staff, sales promotion experience, accounting experience
Hiring category Part-time job
Work place 〒673-0853
1-23 Yamate-Town Asagiri, AkashiーCity, Hyogo
Traffic access 20 minutes by Shinki Bus from JR Akashi Station Near Ishizuka stop
Working hours 9:00〜17:00
Employment period Long term (3 months or more)
Holiday Free shift and self-report
Salary Hourly wage 900 yen ~ (consider experience)
Other allowances The transportation cost
Contract period, trial period Yes (900 yen per hour during trial period)
Insurance Industrial accident, health, employment, pension
Transfer None

Entry form

Full namehave to
Agehave to
Phone numberhave to
Current occupationhave to
Street addresshave to
Employment form Part-timer

Inquiries about recruitment